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Export market

Bergslagens Distilleri is a company based in Sweden in a town called Örebro approximately 2 hours from Stockholm. The name of the region is “Bergslagen”, hence the name of the company.

The Bergslagen region was once the heart of the mining industry and iron production in Sweden, Bergslagen has transformed into a gourmet and meal region recognized for top-end restaurants and innovative local food producers. All of them are inspired by nature and the surroundings with deep forests, rivers, lakes and rich wildlife, supplying the producers with all the raw material they need. This is where our products has its origin.

Bergslagens Distillery is located in an old slaughterhouse area in Örebro. We produce first and foremost Gin, Whisky and Aquavit. As far as possible, we use spices and ingredients from the region. Everything we produce is small scale and made with passion and love for the craft.

The products we export are our different varieties of gin. We are currently located in several different markets in Europe, Asia and North America.

For export, we work with ”Nordic Gin House”. Nordic Gin House is a Nordic collaboration between the best small, local distilleries and the most famous sommeliers, master distillers and mixologists. 



Patrik Axelsson
Bergslagens Export AB
+46 73 318 9000


Mats Lihnell
+46 708 235 682


Jakob Vallentin, Nordic Gin House
+45 2065 86 75